4 Reasons to Attend HousingWire’s engage.marketing Summit


Back for its second year, the engage.marketing summit will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina on June 13th & 14th. The event is designed to bring housing industry marketers together to build relationships, identify best practices, and find out what it takes to build a successful marketing strategy. Looking for a few reasons to attend?


1 - The state of the union is... unpredictable

We’ll tackle how current marketing conditions impact your marketing strategies and the smartest marketers and lenders that are growing and winning market share.

In our Personal Branding Super Session, we’ll cover everything your marketing team needs to know to grow their own brand as well as how to effectively educate, support and help grow the personal brand of LOs and others on the origination team.

Check out our agenda for more information.

2 - Understand (and relate to) the challenges

Now more than ever, the marketing team is crucial to any lender’s success, but marketers may not know what LOs really need.

Check out our session covering The Originator and Marketing Relationship, we’re bringing together four of the most successful producers in the country to reveal what marketing initiatives are fueling their growth, what they wish marketers knew about their workflow, and how top-performing teams can work together for the best results.

Take a look at the full agenda to see what else we’re covering.

3 - Learn to use new media and technology to get results

Media and technology can be intimidating, but the results can be powerful. We’ll tackle what’s working for the most successful players in the game.

In our How I Built This: Putting Together Your Marketing Tech Stack Super Session, where two CMOs will walk us through their experience of choosing and integrating marketing technology, and share what they learned along the way. There will even be time for a Q&A, so bring your list of questions!

Check out our agenda for more information.

4 - use thought leadership content marketing

Producing ‘thought leadership’ content can attract new buyers and build your brand. We’ll discuss how to develop pieces that contain both original thoughts and actual leadership.

In the Killing It With Content Super Session, our experts will help you assess what’s worth spending your time and resources on - and what isn’t. We’ll give you the keys to planning and executing consistent content that will create the best results.

Check out our agenda for more information.


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